Dog Days…

IMG_1504Dog days of summer

But wait it’s really winter

Dog days anyways!




Wooohooooowoooooooooo Efurrybuddy! Me and Nalle continue to goes on lots of adventures. We’s go to the beach, visits the butterflies, hikes lots of trails, check out cool stuff around town, and goes to all the doggie parks! Here are more piccies fur youwoooowoooo!


Me and Nalle playing at the doggie park.


Me and our new furriend Husky baby Sky.


Nalle showing her moves.


Nalle has been teaching baby Sky doggie park manners.


But sometimes a pup’s just gotta play.


There’s good digging at the doggie park. I keep trying to digs all the way to China. WOL!


Nalle was watching me furry carefully.


Then baby Sky butted in and took my hole! WOO! So much fur manners.


But I let Sky digs so I could teach her good digging technique.


Then Nalle took a turn.


We discovered the Husky Club here! We is Mals but they welcomed us, their bigger cousins, with open paws!


Getting to know efurrybuddy.


Zoom, zoom, zoom!


Sometimes Me and Nalle take Mama out fur breakfast.


We even took Mama to the mall once (or twice). WOL!


In one park, we discovered this furry old Jail House from back when this was part of Spain!


It wasn’t too bad inside! I could dig some furry cozy holes to sleep in in here.


As you know, Me and Nalle’s names mean “Bear,” and we do our daily YogiBear Upward and downward doggie efurry morning. I decided to do some yogibear yoga on Mama’s yoga mat one day.


That’s all fur now. Nalle is ready fur the Super Bowl! WOL!

Guest Blogger: Pup the Rabbit!


Click pic to visit Pup! Toocuuuwooooowoooooote!

Silky long black ears

Two big fluffy gray feet and

One nose that wiggles




Thank youwooowoooooo Pup the Rabbit for guest blogging today! Pawesome haiku and nose kissywiggles too youwooowooooo!

If you are a pet blogger and would like to guest post your haiku just send my secretary Mama an email here.

A Pup’s Shopping List…

photo 1I’m a simple pup

I only need a few things

Food and some raw hide

Maybe a dinosaur bone*

And most of all treats, treats, treats!



The Queen Creatives’s Prompts For the Promptless – Shopping List

* Mals have wolfie jaws and we can crush through bone. Mama says we need to find dinosaur bones so we don’t obliterate them in ten minutes. Raw hide last much longer! Wooooowoooooo!


versatileblogger111Another award

From Donna the rescued pup

Who lives in a flat

With gratitude I accept

The Versatile Blog Award


The Rules (may be modified):

  • Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post.
  • Thank the person who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post. 
  • Pass the award along to 15 (or some) favorite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.
  • Share Seven Things About Yourself:

Seven new things about me:

  1. My fur coloring is called Mahogany Red.
  2. My eyes are honey-brown.
  3. My wooly coat makes it look like I wear a white kilt.
  4. I don’t like my tail to be brushed, but Mama does it anyways.
  5. I love, love, love walking into the blustery wind that blows nearly every day!
  6. I am a master wrestler.
  7. I really like my new bandana I got at the Million Dog March!

My Nominees:

  1. The beautiful Miss Harper Lee
  2. The American Dog Blog
  3. Bailey Boat Cat
  4. Dakota’s Den
  5. Dear Kitty. Some Blog
  6. Jaspers Doggy World
  7. Mama Bear Musings
  8. Terrier Torrent
  9. The Seeker
  10. The Scottie Chronicles

Ok, Mama says it’s time for bed. Good Night to all my wonderful blog friends! Wooooooowooooooo!

Guest Blogger!


This is me, beautiful Nalle!

Well more like butt-in blogger! Hi, I’m Nalle. Ku’s puppy sistah. Kuruk is taking a break from his Haiku today, so I decided to butt-in and take all the attention just like I do when I want people’s attention. I can’t help it. I just get sooo excited and distracted and excited and distracted. What was I talking about? Oh, I get distracted and excited!

My name means Bear just like Kuruk, but it really means Teddy Bear, and I am a Teddy Bear cuz I like to lean and hug and cuddle and get lots of tummy rubs. Can’t get enough tummy rubs. They are so wonderful. I’ll ask any stranger on the street or in the park or at the coffee shop or anywhere to give me tummy rubs. They must think they’re wonderful too cuz they always rub my tummy and tell me I’m sweet and beautiful.

Ok, gotta go cuz I’m getting distracted by Ku who has the toy I want cuz he has it and I have to have whatever toy he has cuz I do, I just do. And I was so excited to be the butt-in blogger, I mean guest blogger, even though I don’t write poetry, but Ku needed to break after two months of daily Haiku, cuz that’s what he likes to do, and I forgot I wanted to do something, so I think I will go take my afternoon nap now.

Thank you for visiting! Wooooooooowoooooooooo! Nalle the Goofy Girl


wamal_logoIf I had millions

I would rescue all the pups

They all deserve love

Daily Prompt: Charitable

I was rescued through WAMAL. Check out all the wonderful pups that need loving homes, or donate to help out! Thank yooowooowooo!