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Me furry furry happy!


A wonderful day indeed

I have come so far!


Woooohooowooooooo Efurrybuddy! Today and tomorrow are furry special days fur me. You see, it was four years ago today that a pack of strange humans came to see me and my pack of nearly 170 Alaskan Malamutes at a puppy mill in Alaska. They were shocked by what they found – no food, no water, all the snow eaten that we could reach from our four-foot chains, and sadly some deceased members of my pack. The next day on 1-11-11, they came back, removed us from our chains, and took us to a shelter to help us get medical care, food, water, and hopefully real homes!

The dogters in Alaska thought I was about 2 years old based on my teeth and only weighed 35 lbs! Today I weigh about 85 lbs. (depending on how often I gets BACON! and TURKEY! WOL!). My furs are no longer brittle and dry, but super duper fluff, fluff, fluff. I have come a furry long way in the past four years, especially when it comes to being social with strange humans. Nobuddy would know now that I was “like a feral wolf” as my Mama says. It is Mama’s magical healing wuvwuvwuv that helped to heal so much!

Kuruk-_The_Little_Be_Cover_for_KindleI tell the full story of my healing journey in my bookie: Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could, One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing. The purpose of my book about the story of my rescue is to raise awareness about puppy mills and animal abuse.

You can order it through Create Space or Amazon (including eBook!) or Barnes & Noble or by clicking the picture of my book cover! Also: Amazon CanadaAmazon UKAmazon India, and other international Amazon stores.

Did you know I was in a video about my rescue? Check it out below. Pawesome music tooowoowooo!

27 thoughts on “Rescue-versary!

  1. What a wonderful day it was when you were rescued from that horrible situation Ku… looked so sad then and now you look like you could NOT be happier or healthier! You are gorgeous and you are FREE………….so happy for your rescue-versary!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Hi Kuruk and happy rescueversary to you! So happy Mommy found you and gives you a loving cozy home 🙂 Love is all that matters and you deserve all the love and then some more… I rescued Jasmine and Dexter less dramatically but with the same source of love. I pray for a planet where all creatures are loved and nurtured.
    1-11 is a special day for me too as on 1-11-13 I began my blog. Did you know the daddy of WordPress was also born on 1-11? Your mommy told me and she is real smart!

    Love to you and your book and all the beings that live with you.

    Linda and Dex

    • Oh thank youwoowooooo Miss Linda and Dex! Mama said you would like the 1-11-11 I put in my postie! 🙂 Have a beauwoowooowoooootiful day, and I send you my virtual fluffy fur and wool to stay warm! Wuvwuvwuv, Ku

  3. Always brings tears to my eyes, Ku darling. Look at you then an now, a great love story. The video is so moving, a symbol of freedom and courage with those silky paws walking away from abuse. You brightened up my day with furry sunshine, dear KuBear, as this date is a very sad one for me. Hugs to you, Nalle, Zoe and your wonderful mama in celebration of this great day ♥

    • I’m sorry this a sad day fur youwoowoooo Miss Carmen! Sending you even extra extra furry furry sunshine fur youwoowoooooo! Nose kissies and {{{BEARHUGS}}} tooowoowoooooooooooo! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO ❤ your sweet KuBear

  4. Happy rescuversary my sweet tears for you and your pack always flow when I see this powerful video…to trust another human after you had such a horrid start is a miracle of love between your Mama and yourself..we send you the biggest cuddle and hope your life continues to be filled with love and joyful experiences..much love Fozziemum xxx ❤ ❤

  5. Happy rescue-versary, Ku. It makes me so happy to know that every single day since your rescue you have been loved . . . and that you’ll also be loved every single day from this point on. Kisses to you and the wonderful people who rescued you, and to your wonderful mama who has opened her heart wide and made a loving home for you.

  6. Mee-you Unko Kuruk mee jsut watched yur video an mee hass BERRY leeky eyess!! Mee did not know what you have been thru! LadyMum showed mee yur book an shee said shee wood reed it to mee.
    Yur will to sirvive wass amazin an yur amazin!!!
    **nose bumpss** an LUV,
    Neffkitty Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    • Thank youwoowoooooooo Purrince Siddhartha! 😀 I hopes you like my bookie. It was a special gift to my Nylebluewoowoooooooo and I am furry happy you will get to enjoy it now! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Your UnkoKu ❤

  7. Woo wooo woof Unko Kuruk Ladymum told mee thiss wass Aunty Nylablue’ss book an mee will treashure it furever mee purromisess!
    Mee iss so glad yur mee Unko now!
    Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤

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