We Were Furry Good!


The beauwoowoootiful Christmas wreath Mama made with her furry own paws!

Furry good snow pups

Get lots of Santa Paws gifts

Turkey hangover








Me and sisfur Nalle and sisfur Zoe (the great Swami!) were furry furry furry good this year, of course. Me and Nalle got (Bacon buddy, close your eyes fur a piccie please) yumwumwum piggie ears – our fafurite treat! We gobbled them down so quick Mama barely got a piccie:

Me nomnomnom on my piggie ear.

Me nomnomnom on my piggie ear.

We also got lots of superduper yumwumwum TURKEY! a few nights in a row! WOOOOOOWOOOOOOO!



We also took were given a new stuffy from the Grand Paw – a Santa Paws Bear!

photo 1-5

Me napping with Santa Paws Bear.



Nalle napping with Santa Paws Bear and some of our other bears and Holly and Joey Boo we got last Cwismus!

Sisfur Zoe got a mousie that squeeked, which she loved but I may or may not have snuck out of my room and taken it from her and now it somehow does not squeak any more.

photo 5

Drool soaked silent mousie.

Me and Nalle have been battling turkey comas and hangovers, but we would do it all again! WOL!

photo 5-3

Nalle all hungover. WOL!

We hopes efurrybuddy had a furry pawesome holiday week! Now time fur some din-din with turkey!

The Grand Paw's Cwismus tree and toys where I may or may not have taken the Santa Paw Bear.

The Grand Paw’s Cwismus tree and toys where I may or may not have taken the Santa Paws Bear from.

15 thoughts on “We Were Furry Good!

  1. We need a new movie “The silence of the mice” LOL. You had a suuuuuper Christmas! My momma bought chicken feet instead of that ears this year. She thought they will not smell so much… smart idea they even smell much more than the pigs ears :o)

  2. Mee-yow Kuruk yur Sant Bear iss berry nice an mee wunderss how thee mousie lost hiss *squeek*??? HMMM iss a mist-eree rite???
    Mee got sum more toyss fur Katmass an of course mee new home an *LadyMum* 😉
    Oh an mee got to have turkey twice too….nommie good!
    Luv you Unko Ku, Siddhartha ❤ ❤
    Pee S: Pleese give Swami Zoe a *kissey* frum mee ok? ❤

    • You sure had a furry pawesome Katmass Dharth! pssst…ask fur more turkey. Wez got turkey five days!!!! Mama says it is all gone but we are now addicted and keep asking fur more. WOL! Sisfur Zoe says thank you fur the kissey. It made her blush eventho she tried to be all zen-like. WOL! 😀
      Much wuvwuvwuv to you and LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Mee-you Unko Ku mee had MORE turkey tonite too!! Mee iss so happy! See mee smile —–> 🙂
    *LadyMum* hass more turkey thighss in thee freezer so mee will have more sumtime in thee future. Mee iss lookin fourwerd to tryin sum new yoogurt…mee luvss strawberry an raspberry an even lemonylime….mmmmm good!!
    Mee-yow wow Sister Zoe blushed an lost her ‘zen’ 😉 Pleese give her a New Yeer’s *kissey* frum mee tomorrow nite ok Unko?? Shee iss a sweet kittygurl an mee likess her ALOT!
    Happy New Yeer to all of youss there frum us here!
    Luv an *nose kissess* Siddhartha an *LadyMum* ❤ ❤ ❤

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