Rainy Day Wooooooos…


Me watching my wolfie cousins!

It’s a rainy day

No fun to go out and play

Nap the day away


But we also get to watch

Wolfie cousin videos!




Are you stuck inside toowoowooo? Need something fun to doowoowooo? Well, my writing buddy Rocco still needs lots of pet bloggers to pawticipate in his NaNoWoofMo pet novel. Pawlease stop on by Rocco’s House here to join in on the pawesome fun!

29 thoughts on “Rainy Day Wooooooos…

  1. A Rooo Woooo Ooooooo me sweet purply blue KU…dat iz a pawsum poe-em! me iz sowwy yer gettin rain dere 😦 We haz 3 feet of snow here n may get more….Winter came earlee…so me iz stuck in. Me haz grrrreat Pidjun TV tho so me watchez thru da patio door n pouncez when (when me feelz up to it).
    Napz are guud too 😉
    Much lub sweetpoochieboy ❤
    Yer furgurl Nylablue xxxxxxxx
    Pee ess: me waz apposta sign up fer da ritin fing butt me cannot now…pleeze apaulogize fer me okayz?

    • You have snowoooowoooooo! We need the rain though because was have something called a drought, but I’d rather have snowooowooooo fur the drought!And do not worry my Nylabluewoooooooo, I’m sure Rocco and his house all understand. Much wuvwuvwuv,<3 ❤ ❤

  2. We were gonna pawticipate in the writing project (in fact today was our day) but sadly it kind of fell apart and won’t be completed! Sniff Sniff…..we enjoyed YOUR contribution though……

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. Yow me purpleyblu KU of me ❤ phankz fer lettin Rocco nose me can not help wif da storey..
    Me haz other placez to bee 😉
    Me iz sowwy ya iz havin droubt cause we had so much rain n now dayz of snow….we iz wet enuff! Wish me cuud send sum snow to ya sweetpoochieboy of me <3!!!
    **paw kissez** Nylablue xxxxx

  4. It’s been rainy AND cold here, which is no fun either! We’d rather have snow. Hope your weather has gotten better by now, Ku, we could all use a little sunshine!

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