The Blessing of the Animals!


Grace Cathedral

Me and Nalle sat

And listened to the service

For a whole hour


We had gone to church today

To bless all the animals






Wooooohoooowoooooo Efurrybuddy! In honor of the Feast of Saint Francis yesterday, many churches in the this city named fur Saint Francis had services fur the Blessing of the Animals. That means we went to church! Not just any ol’ church, but the big big beauwooowooootiful Grace Cathedral. We were a little too excited fur Mama to take too many piccies, but if you want to see some pawesome piccies of the cathedral, including it’s beauwoooowoooootiful stained glass, the big labyrinth, and many many murals, clicky on over to our photography bloggy here and here!

Me and Nalle had never been to a church before, nor had we been to a Mass before, but we behaved furry furry good. I paid attention constantly. Nalle laid down on the super coowooowooool stone floor (it’s been up to 90°F/32°C here fur days!), and looked like she wasn’t paying attention, but when the priest asked if anyone was familiar with a certain book about animals, she said: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That made efurrybuddy in the chapel smile and laugh! WOL! Mama had no idea that Nalle was reading so much! Going to therapy pup school has sure paid off fur Nalle! WOL! Here are some piccies:


A statue of Saint Francis near the entrance to the cathedral.

photo 1-4

The big labyrinth and altar.

photo 2-4

The side chapel where we had the animal service.

photo 3-3

Me paying good attention to the priest’s homily (sermon).

photo 4

Me sitting patiently in the pew.

photo 5-4

Nalle being blessed by Father Randall. He thanked her fur speaking up during the sermon. WOL!

17 thoughts on “The Blessing of the Animals!

  1. Ku how beautiful indeed..and such a lovely setting for a very lovely blessing…and we love that Nalle has been reading and now sharing her knowledge with the parish 🙂 oh boy I bet Doc would drive the place crazy with his barking hhahaha…good pups…Loves Fozziemum xxx

  2. Beautiful piccies and adventures! But the most beautiful thingy for me is your heart-melting smile in the pew! I cannot have enough from your and Nalle’s gentleness! You are wonderful beings!

  3. Me darlin sweet purpley blue Kuruk n sweet Nalle yer so lucky to have gone to da sirvice!!! Me cuud just hear nalle speekin up fer herslf, MOL!!
    Miss Sheila went fer her kittehz n me…so dere waz sumone purrayin fer me at da low-cal church here too 😉
    Bee blessed sweet poochiez 🙂
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Miss Sheila is a wonderful lady! My Nylabluewoowoooooo, you of course were in my pawyers and purrayers! Me and Nalle said lots of prayers fur amials efurrywhere. sending you much much wuvwuvwuv and warm fluff and snuggles xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3, your furever Ku

  4. Yow sweet KU not onlee did Miss Sheila go to da Church fer me she took me n Mum to da Vet’z today!! She haz beecome an Aunti to me!
    Speekin of Aunti’z; me saw Aunti Anne me sittur today at da Vet’z wif one of her many kittehz…dat was nice too…
    Yer da best fer purrayin fer all da 4 leggedz all over da werld 😉
    Me adorez ya sweet purpleyblueKu……
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

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